Electronic Materials Department

Processed Goods


Iwatani develops processed products using metals, resins and ceramic materials. We cater to the needs of our customers by finding inventive solutions to match the application of use, such as composite products and fine precision processes that exploit the unique characteristics of particular materials.

Metal Etched Parts


We offer burr-less parts/components formed into shapes that are difficult to achieve through pressing by applying precision etching processes to foil materials such as stainless steel and nickel. We can cater to various requirements by providing double-sided etching, single-sided etching and half etching.

Achieving High Quality and High Precision at Low Cost
・Enables complex shapes that cannot be achieved through pressing
・Molding / shape forming can be achieved without warping or burrs
・Mold-making is unnecessary and initial costs are low
・Enables overseas production and supply, and is cost-competitive
Processable sizes Minimum sheet thickness: 0.01mm, minimum width 1,000 mm *varies according to material
Methods of supply Roll, Sheet
Metal materials

SUS-CSP foil (304, 301, 316L, Non-magnetic SUS, TA treated (tempered) etc.)
Copper types (Oxygen-free copper, Tough pitch copper, Beryllium copper, High-strength copper alloys etc.)
Nickel alloys (42 alloy, Pure nickel, Permalloy, Inconel etc.)
High-performance materials (Titanium, Nickel silver, Tungsten, Precious metals etc.)

Etching types Double-sided etching, Single-sided etching, Half etching
Secondary processing Bending, Corrosion inhibiting, Coating, Resin molding etc.

*Please inquire as the size of the base (parent) material, dimensional and pitch tolerances vary according to the material used.

*Processing is possible even for materials provided by the customer.

< Example Applications >

VCM springs for a camera module
(Base materials: high-strength copper alloy, non-magnetic SUS foil)
VCM springs for a camera module

Static charge grid & neutralizing needles for a printer
(Base material: SUS-CSP TA processed foil)
プリンター用 帯電グリット・除電針

*Other examples include organic EL metal masks, exposure shields/dousers for camera modules, metallic filters, metal masks for silicon wafers etc.

Suspension Wires

Suspension Wires

Suspension wires are adopted for supporting optical components such as optical pickups and (high pixel resolution) camera modules used in mobile devices. They can be manufactured in beryllium copper and beryllium-free alloys, and we can provide them in extra-fine gauges and with various types of plating.

Processable sizes Minimum diameter: Φ0.03 mm
* Please inquire separately regarding lengths.
Methods of supply Cut lengths, Reels
Metal materials

Beryllium copper, Beryllium-free alloys, Special-alloys of copper, Phosphorous bronze etc.

Surface treatments Gold plating, Silver plating, Copper plating etc.

*Please inquire as diameter and dimensional tolerances etc. vary according to the material used.


Cut lengths【カット品】

Actuators for a high-precision camera module (Material: beryllium-free alloy)高精度カメラモジュール用アクチュエイター

Optical pickup for a DVD drive
(Material: beryllium copper)DVDドライブ用光ピックアップ

Precious Metal Products for Medical Use

1) Metal wires for artificial cochlear implants
Cochlear implant devices are artificial organs, which differ greatly from hearing aids that simply increase volume in that they convert sound into electrical signals and directly assist the sense of hearing. They consist of an external device and an implant component that is implanted behind the ear.
Iwatani provides the various metal wires (platinum / iridium wire, gold wire) and tube products (platinum tube) etc. that are used in the implant components of cochlear implants.

2) Platinum products for catheters
We can propose items such as marker rings (platinum / iridium rings) and electrode tips (platinum / iridium tips) for catheters.