Electronic Materials Department

Service Overview

Materials supplied by Iwatani are employed in all manner of products used in the world around us, including the latest cutting-edge display device accessories, and the secondary batteries that hold the key to the realization of a low-carbon society.
Utilizing its global manufacturing and processing capabilities centered primarily in China and Southeast Asia, Iwatani is giving new value to metals, resins and ceramics, and supporting technological innovations in electronics through its materials.
In addition to its function as a trading company, Iwatani also offers appropriate solutions in the fields of manufacturing and processing; including the development of functional materials, and the processing of films and metals.

Product Information

製品情報 電子セラミック材料 加工品 電池関連材料 高機能材料 高機能フィルム材料 加工拠点

Functions of Our Electronic Materials Department


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