Electronic Materials Department

Electro-ceramic Materials

Iwatani handles the raw materials used in electronic components and for electronic materials related applications. We also cater to the various needs of our customers, including the supply of rare materials and molded ceramic products.

Magnetic, Dialectic, and Crystalline Materials


Iwatani handles the raw materials for the ceramic capacitors that are indispensible to the electronics industry, as well as rare earth-type magnets and all manner of single crystals.
We mainly stock raw materials from China, and can introduce a variety of chemical compounds to suit your needs.

Type Products Offered
Barium Barium chloride, Barium carbonate, Barium hydroxide etc.
Strontium Strontium carbonate, Strontium chloride etc.
Titanium Titanium tetrachloride (solution), Titanium oxide etc.
Rare earth elements All manner of rare earth compounds (Sm, Nd, Pr, Dy, Y, La etc.), Rare metals
Cobalt Cobalt oxide, Metallic cobalt powder etc.
Iron powder Click here for iron powder raw materials
Niobium & Tantalum Niobium oxide, Niobium hydroxide, Tantalum oxide, Tantalum chloride etc.
Silicon Poly-silicon etc.
Cesium Cesium nitrate, Cesium hydroxide, Cesium iodide, Cesium carbonate etc.

Sputtering Target Materials, Molded Ceramic Products


Thin-film formation plays an important role in the electronics industry, which is ever in the pursuit of lighter, more compact components.
Iwatani handles a variety of materials for use as sputtering targets.
We also sell various materials used in building the furnaces used for metal and oxide firing.

Type Products Offered
Metal powder, Metal blanks/ingots, Moldings Rare metals, Metallic cobalt, Metallic magnesium, Metallic aluminum, Metallic molybdenum, Metallic vanadium, Metallic tantalum, Metallic niobium, Metallic titanium, Metallic zirconium, Metallic hafnium, Alloys etc.
Oxides, Moldings Niobium oxide, Tantalum oxide, Chromium oxides, Alumina, Magnesia, Rare earth oxides, Mixed materials, Materials for ceramic circuit boards etc.
Firing furnace materials Molybdenum silicide (MoSi2) heating elements, Ceramic kiln furniture, Ceramic balls, Ceramic circuit boards etc.